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The Way of the Ring

Spain (Sierra Norte de Madrid
& Granada)

$3900 (estimated)

11 days


Day 1: Arrival at Hobbiton

The hobbits (pilgrims) will be welcomed by the rangers (servants of The Way of the Ring) that will accompany them during the Camino. It starts with an "Introductory course" where the meaning of Tolkien's work is explained, the human heart and nature, and how to live the adventure on Middle Earth. Later, we will celebrate the welcome with a hearty dinner, as Bilbo Baggins did with the dwarves.

Day 2: Setting out on a Journey - Hobbiton to Bree: the Nature and Effects of Evil - 14 miles

Leaving Hobbiton early. with Gandalf rushing you out of the Shire. We carry a ring that evil wants to possess in order to subdue us and thus leaves us no choice but to get out of our hobbit hole to destroy it. We will arrive at Bree, where we can stay, and contemplate the walled city from a spectacular viewpoint. - In the afternoon: SAILING THE ANDUIN. Once we arrive and regain strength, we can travel the Anduin River (Lozoya River) by canoe.

Day 3: From Bree to Tom Bombadil's Home: Destiny and Freedom - 8 miles

We'll leave Bree in a hurry in the morning, through a secret door. There is no time to lose during our escape from the Nazgul. We will be welcomed by Tom Bombadil, the only being unaffected by the ring, and his lovely wife Goldberry. We will be able to rest enjoying their hospitality. - At night: THE EÄRENDIL STAR. We will enjoy a magnificent contemplation of the firmament and the stars, guided by an expert astronomer. On this day you will have passed through the satellite dishes that received the signals from Apollo XI, and from where the messages were sent to the USA.

Day 3: The Elvish Forest: Friendship - 9 miles

We will say goodbye to Tom Bombadil to continue on our way. We will begin our adventure through the forest, where we will have our next stop: The Elven Forest, which hides secrets and elves. - In the afternoon: THE CHOIR OF THE AINUR. The elves will interpret for us the Choir of the Ainur, remembering that first moment of Creation where the Ainur joined Ilúvatar co-creating the universe.

Day 4: Rivendell: Life is an Unexpected Journey - 4 miles

We leave behind this enchanting place to enter Rivendell, through the forest. - In the afternoon: THE FANGORN FOREST. A magician will explain to us the mysteries of the Forest, helping us understand and contemplate the beauty hidden within the nature that we have before our eyes and how Tolkien was able to admire it.

Day 5: Rivendell to Moria: Destined for Eternity & Setting Out is the Only Option - 10 miles

After resting in such a peaceful place, we head to Moria, the land of Dwarves. To do this, there will be no other choice but to try to climb Caradhras (Alto of the Porrejon). We will descend to the land of the dwarves, experts in mining and magnificent blacksmiths. - In the afternoon: THE FORGE OF ANDURIL. We will visit a rehabilitated forge of the XVI century where a young blacksmith (who is also a historian and fencing master of combat) performs with swords and axes. He will show us the forge and introduce us to the world of weapons from Middle-earth and Western Europe. We will even test their weapons and take pictures of you fighting for Middle Earth!

Day 6: Arrival at Lorien: the Secret Fire - 9 miles

From Moria, we set out to follow where the Secret Fire takes us. We will arrive in Lorien, where Galadriel will present us with some personal gifts to strengthen us on our way.

Day 7: On to Rohan: Divine Providence & Hope - 13 miles

We leave Lorien. We will see begin to see Mordor in the distance, although we won't arrive yet. We will cross the land of water until we reach Helm's Deep (Pontoon de la Oliva) and then to Rohan, the land of horses. - In the afternoon: THE ORCS OF SAURON. The orcs sense our presence and will chase us!

Day 8: Minas Tirith: Destroying the Ring of Power - 6 miles

At last, our path comes to an end. We will arrive at Minas Tirith, where we will celebrate our triumphant arrival to destroy the ring - Upon arrival: we will have our Final Ceremony, where exciting surprises await!

Upon completing the Way, transfer to Granada - dinner, and accommodation. Here are some quotes about Granada:

  1. “If you were to visit just one city in Spain, it should be Granada”. Ernest Hemingway.

  2. “Granada is a treasure and it will stay in my mind as my most beautiful memory, for a long time”. Michelle Obama.

  3. “Granada is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, and its geographical location must also be added to its rich heritage.”William Shakespeare

Day 9: Visiting a Real-Life Hobbit from the Past: St John of God

Breakfast in hotel. Visit the breathtaking Basilica of St John of God, where the tomb of this saint gives the group the opportunity to pray for his intercession. St John of God's life shows his adventure of leaving his Shire, being on an adventure where he becomes the greatest saint this city has seen, helping thousands of poor and sick people through his heroic charity and generosity. After celebrating the Mass and a time for personal prayer, you will enjoy a tour of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Continue on to the St Jerome Monastery, The Cathedral, the Royal Chapel which houses the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs Fernando & Isabel. After lunch you will see the centuries old Mercado de la Seda where you can see examples of beautiful Moorish culture still present. Enjoy dinner in a restaurant and even enjoy a Flamenco show!

Day 10: Visiting Real-Life Hobbits of Today: Poor Clare Sisters

Breakfast in hotel. Visit the Poor Claire Convent where you can celebrate the Mass with the nuns and hear their vocation stories... learning how their journeys to defeat evil have given meaning to their lives and how the love of the Eucharist and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament sustains them. Continue by taking a tour of the Albaycin neighborhood, which transports you hundreds of years in the past to before the Christian Reconquest. Enjoy the most emblematic view of the city's treasure, La Alhambra, from the San Nicolas viewpoint. After lunch, you have the option to take a guided tour of La Alhambra, or of having free time in the city center for exploring and shopping. Celebrate the graces received during the pilgrimage and the renewed love for the Eucharist with a farewell dinner at a restaurant.


Day 11: Returning to Your Shire - Home

Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to the airport for your flight back home.

Price Inclusions

Based on 15 paying guests (min 15 to max 19 allowed)

Flights + airport taxes

Accommodations- Double-Occupancy

Camino - Hostels

All activities during the Camino 

Guide along the Camino

Granada- 3* hotel or Religious accommodation

Meals: All meals in Camino (welcome dinner)

Granada: breakfasts in hotel, dinners in restaurants +1 farewell dinner in a restaurant.

Airport transfers

Transportation in an Air-Conditioned 19 seater minubus

Bus parking

Professional English-speaking guide in Granada


Lunches in Granada

Tips for drivers & guides

Any services not mentioned in the program

Travel medical insurance (separate link provided)

Optional Entrances & Activities in Granada:

3-hour guided tour of Alhambra $28

Flamenco Show $20

Royal Chapel Entrance: $6

Pricing Options

Single supplement =+$100

The Way of the Ring ONLY (without Granada)

15 paying  = $3195

Price confirmed upon booking - itinerary subject to availability


Here are some quotes from travel publications about this pilgrimage

Although much of the filming for Lord of the Rings took place in New Zealand, Spain's El Camino de Anillo, which translates to "The Ring Road," is as close as anyone will get to hiking the imagined world of Middle Earth. J.R.R. Tolkien's world where hobbits thrived away from the prying eyes of humans seems to come to life along this trail, which spans about 75 miles through Spain's Sierra Norte mountains. The reason for this is because it was inspired by the books and their vivid imagery, something LOTR fans will undoubtedly appreciate.


This hiking trail is not the first thru-hike in Spain andthe Camino de Santiago is another popular pilgrimage. While El Camino de Anillo doesn't take nearly as long to complete, it will give somewhat of a Lord of the Rings-inspired pilgrimage for fans of both the books and the movies. For those who aren't avid Tolkien fans, this trail is simply a new, beautiful way to experience Central Spain on a trail that hasn't been trekked before.


For those seeking to hike this trail, the closest city is Madrid, which lies about an hour from the trailhead. The path takes hikers to places such as El Molar, where the trail starts, to Horcajuelo de la Sierra and Torrelaguna, both stops believed to resemble actual places from the book series. Rivendell, the "White Tree of Gondor," Moria, Hobbiton, and even the Shire are thought to be in-book destinations that come to life along the trail of this hike.


The trail is welcoming all hikers of all skill levels, although there are some mountain passes that should be considered. The trail was created by the Laudato Si Foundation, nature conservation that works with the Archbishop of Madrid,according to Lonely Planet. The project undertaking was done to provide an alternative to the Camino de Santiago, a religious pilgrimage that sees many hikers annually. While hikers can choose to make their journey a pilgrimage, it's not a requirement for LOTR fans to simply enjoy their Middle Earth-inspired hike.


The hike was also created in an attempt to renew tourism in a place that saw so little of it and attract visitors from all over the world. The hiking trail was five years in the making before its eventual opening, with a respectable amount of work going into its stunning vistas and trailheads.


Prior to starting their hike, it's encouraged that those taking part contact the El Camino del Anillo Foundation in order to secure spots at lodgings along the way, because some of them are owned by the church. There are other options being offered for this trail as well, including guided tours, canoe routes, Tolkien talks, and stargazing, and pricing can be inquired about via the Foundation.


Appropriately called "the Tolkien Pilgrimage," El Camino del Anillo says of the journey, "We propose the journey of the ring because we want to help you plant a small seed that makes you aware that we are like hobbits, that we are living a great adventure. We propose a unique trip in your life, in which you may not kill this dragon that is destroying the fairyland, but yes - and this is the most important thing - you can start destroying [the] part of the dragon that is eating your own soul." - THE TRAVEL


Ever wanted to take a journey with Frodo and his fellowship? You’re not alone. And now, there’s a hiking trail inSpain that is pretty close to a trek in Middle Earth.


Even though Middle Earth is a fictional place, there are still many places around the world that mimic the same types of landscapes that are described in J.R.R. Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings"novels — and they’re not all in New Zealandeither.


According to Lonely Planet,a hiking trail known as the El Camino del Anillo (literally, The Ring Road) in the Sierra Norte mountains of central Spain, is inspired by the classic book series.

The circular trail is 122 kilometers (about 76 miles) long and is divided into eight sections, Lonely Planetreported. The trail starts in El Molar and passes through the gorgeous, mountainous region with some must-see areas that are much like the places in the "Lord of Rings" trilogy, including Horcajuelo de la Sierra (which is thought to resemble Rivendell) and even a “White Tree of Gondor” in Torrelaguna, according to Lonely Planet.There are also other places that resemble Moria, the Shire, Hobbiton, and more, according to the El Camino del Anillo trail website.


The trail is about an hour away from Madrid, according to Time Out,and is meant to be hiked over the course of a week. Each day should cover about 18 kilometers (about 11 miles), according to the website. Hikers are welcome to tackle the trail independently, or they can find accommodation through the trail website. Parts of the trail can also be done via canoe (for a fee).


While all hikers are welcome, the trail is the creation of the Laudato Si Foundation, which is a nature conservation charity linked to the Archbishop of Madrid, according to Lonely Planet,and was a project created as an alternative to other pilgrimage paths like the Camino de Santiago. "Lord of the Rings" fans do not have to take part in any religious activities on the trail." - TRAVEL + LEISURE

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